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Recycling Program 

L and D operates a Sacramento County certified construction and demolition (C&D) sorting facility. Customers who are required to recycle by City or County ordinance or by the California Green Building Code, "CALGreen," can comply by sending mixed loads of C&D to our sorting facility for recycling credit. For more information on Sacramento County certified sorting facilities, go to:

Customers needing recycling credits are required to go over our commercial scales, in order to receive a weight ticket that will be stamped as "Sacramento County Certified C&D Sorting Facility". 

Source separated loads, which do not require sorting, must also go over the scales and receive a weighmaster ticket which will be coded with the appropriate material type.  The weight ticket does not need to be stamped assorted, as the material designation will show that the load was source separated and can be claimed as 100% recyclable.

Mixed materials delivered to the C&D sorting facility are prescreened and then processed over a picking line.  The facility recycles metal, wood, cardboard, greenwaste, mixed rigid plastic, sheetrock, and inert materials. "Unders" from the picking line are used on-site as alternative daily cover (ADC) for the landfill.  Metal, wood, greenwaste, cardboard, and mixed rigid plastic are hauled off-site for processing. Sheetrock is processed on-site to produce gypsum, which is sold as a soil amendment. Some inert materials (soil, concrete, asphalt) are used on-site and some are processed for road base or other off-site uses.

L and D’s C&D sorting facility has been in operation since 2008. We have reported diversion in excess of 80% since the second quarter of 2012.

Pricing is tiered, based on the recyclability of the inbound mixed material, as assessed by the gatekeeper or the spotter. 


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